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  • Counter FYI screnshot

    Counter FYI

    A micro-frontends experiment composed of four different frameworks in an SPA. The idea was to experiment with the various frameworks as well as contrast and compare them.

    • Open Source
    • React
    • Vue
    • Svelte
    • Imba
    • Podium
  • Svercle homepage

    Svercle Component

    This is the Svercle. A small svelte component that produces a configurable superellipse approximation similar to a squircle. Use this as buttons, cards, or any other element that you would like apply a funny shape to. The squircle is, after all, the cutest of all the shapes.

    • Svelte
    • SVG
  • Forbidden Lands Screenshot

    Forbidden Lands for Foundry VTT

    An open source game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Original tabletop game developed by Free League Publishing. The virtual tabletop version is a faithful adaption of the tabletop original, with added automation of game rules, and made more accessible for online play.

    • Handlebars
    • jQuery
    • VanillaJS
    • Open Source
  • Website screenshot

    Portfolio Website

    The site you are viewing now! Originally built with Imba, I have converted it into Sveltejs using Svelte Kit. I am using Sanity as a CMS for my projects, and pulling my blog articles from It is MIT licensed so feel free to tinker with it!

    • sveltekit
    • sanity
    • typescript

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